With the right skill a lot can change for people. Join us to make this change happen by joining our partnership programme. Our Partners are people who are tired of complaining and ready to make a difference by providing Skills to people everywhere. You can do this by being one of OUR AMBASSADORS


If you are public figure, a celebrity of sort (Actor, Musician, Writer, Innovator, Public Office Holder, Comedian, Social Media Influencer, etc) you can use your name to promote a good cause. Please indicate interest  and we will send an official request.

The Skill For All Ambassador Initiative’s  primary goal is to enable our programmes, campaigns and  ideas to connect with a wider network of supporters to help raise awareness and volunteers for our programmes across Nigeria. It will comprise a limited Number of individuals who will be carefully selected based on their interest on youth empowerment (with focus on skill development), credibility, and audience. They will serve  proactively for a period of one year, which may be renewed. 


SKILL FOR ALL Ambassadors are special volunteers who play a vital role in order to accomplish the vision, mission, goals and programs of making skills trainings free, open and accessible.Skill for all ambassadors core-mission is to promote skills development among young Nigerians.

  As a  skill for all ambassador, you will help:

  • Spread the word
  • Connect skill for all with potential supporters, including schools and other organizations introduce skill for all to your audience on social media
  • Attend to skill for all events and take a table whenever possible
  • Help provide pro-bono support (pr, advertising, venues for events, design and printing of marketing materials, it and legal support)