With the right skill a lot can change for people. Join us to make this change happen by joining our partnership programme. Our Partners are people who are tired of complaining and ready to make a difference by providing Skills to people everywhere. You can do this by: 

Teach a skill at A Training Center Near You

 (Yes, chances are, we have a training in your field near you). We will send you our package of manuals, checklist, etc. But first, we need to know you.

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Donate / Sponsor A Training

Since our trainings are free to the public, we will need support from people like you to make them so.  Our mission to make relevant skills accessible to everyone that needs them, no matter where they are. Please make your donations by clicking here.

You can also sponsor an entire training programme in an area of your choice. Also see what your donations are being used for here. AS A CREDIT TO YOU, WE WILL BE MENTIONING YOUR NAME AS A SPONSOR ON OUR EVENT PAGE.

Be our face as a Skill for All Ambassador. If you are public figure, a celebraity of sort (Actor, Musician, writer, innovator, public office holder, comedian, social media influencer, etc) you can use your name to promote a good cause. Please indicate interest  and we will send an official request. CLICK HERE FOR MORE