Closer collaboration between technology companies and training institutions (private and public tertiary institutions and private training organizations) in Nigeria is a must for Nigeria to overcome its overwhelming developmental challenges.

The government and people must see technology skills across board as our best chance to leapfrog to the next stage. The industrial age has passed us by, we need to move at a faster pace to meet up the global competition in the information age and knowledge and technology is our only chance at achieving that. It should be a top priority for the government at all levels and tiers to understand and drive this need.

This is our hope. It is our chance at job creation, improved healthcare, transparent government, faster and safer transportation, security, better mass education, food security and indeed better standard of living.

Emi Iyalla¬†holds a Computer Science Degree from Oxford Brooks University and an IADC from Informatics¬†Singapore. He’s is founder and CTO of Skillworks