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EmpowerHer is a campaign that aims to promote Girl Child Education and Skill Development in Nigeria – addressing the various barriers and social norms that hinders girls’ access to education, with a specific focus on skill development. By creating awareness, lobbying for policy changes and implementing targeted programs, We aim to create a supportive environment that enables girls to thrive academically and acquire essential skills for their personal and professional growth.

The campaign aims to target Girls and young women, Parents and guardians, Community leaders and influencers, Educators and school administrators, Government bodies, NGO’s and Corporate entities.

The campaign will be implemented through a combination of seminars, webinars, community and media events, workshops, outreaches and targeted advertising. To ensure the sustainability of our efforts, we prioritize capacity building and knowledge transfer at the community level. We will work with local stakeholders to build their capacity in implementing and sustaining initiatives that support girl child education and skill development.

We believe that this campaign has the potential to break down barriers, challenge gender stereotypes, and create an inclusive educational landscape for girls in Nigeria.



Tobore Olumoye
Tobore Olumoye\
Tobore Olumoye is a personal finance coach with over 19 years experience working in the financial services sector. She helps individuals and teams set up their financial plans and achieve financial clarity. She has spoken to thousands of staff of organizations and members of religious and social groups, and she currently has over 200 clients across the world.
Tobore is an author and publisher of several inspiring books on financial planning. She is a graduate of Chemical Engineering and holds several certifications in financial planning, Customer Service and Public Speaking. she is also a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants. Her major driving force is a strong belief that Africans will do better financially if they know better.
Tobore is married with three children.
Funmilayo Adeniyi
Funmilayo AdeniyiLecturer, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
Funmilayo is a seasoned lecturer at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. A professional administrator, trained employability skills coach/CV writer, career counselor, job search trainer and environmentalist with over 8 years of experience in the education and career development industry.
Chinelo Auguster Uchenna(Coach Nelly)
Chinelo Auguster Uchenna(Coach Nelly)Founder, All Stars Diction and Etiquette Academy
Coach Nelly is an award winning Elocutionist and Public Speaking Coach.
Founder of All Stars Diction and Etiquette Academy and All Stars Variety Kids Club.
ChiChi Uchendu (Sixfiguremom)
ChiChi Uchendu (Sixfiguremom)Founder Dvirtualassistant
Chichi Uchendu @sixfigurmom is a visionary social entrepreneur and a launch strategist passionate about creating sustainable solutions for some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.