SABIFICATE is a Skill Development Advocacy Campaign that purports to promote skill development – creating the awareness on the need for the government and general public to pay more attention to relevant, practical and impactful skill trainings, as opposed to “qualification on paper only” including digital skills which are easily transferable. The campaign also purports to lobby for policy changes to support skill development at all levels of decision making both in public and private sectors.

The campaign aims to target Government agencies, Educational Training Institutes, Secondary and Tertiary institutions, Tech advocates, Policy makers, Youths, Employers and Industry representatives in Nigeria.

The main objectives of the campaign are to:

  • Encourage the government and general public to take action and also pay more attention to skill focused trainings.
  • Provide resources and support for skill development like trainings, mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • Build a community of young men and women who value skill development and can contribute to economic growth.

The campaign will be implemented through a combination of workshops, seminars, community and media events, webinars and targeted advertising. The campaign will also partner with local organizations to provide job placement opportunities for those who undergo the training sessions. We estimate that the campaign will reach at least 50,000 individuals this year and will lead to training of a good number of individuals in digital skills.

The campaign will be evaluated through pre-campaign and post-campaign surveys to measure the changes in awareness and skill acquisition among the target group.

We believe that this campaign has the potential to make a significant impact on the youths social and economic development in Nigeria and we look forward to working with local partners to make it a success.

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